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St. Michael versus 666 CD

St. Michael versus 666
Why the presence of the great Archangel should be huge in your life (with recent release dates of the six major demons)
Audio CD
55 min.


What is Islam? CD

What is Islam? And its significance to end-time prophecy, the Great Warning and WWIII.
A dynamic and informative talk on the world’s largest religion by Michael Mangan (SMWA pres.)
77 min.


His Day, His Hour CD

President Michael Mangan delivers a fascinating talk on St. Michael the Archangel, drawing from over 100 of his appearances at Bayside. also a miraculous, heart-warming story of Pope Francis receiving the Bayside Message; and is there a great epiphany in store for him?
80 min 


St. Pio and Bayside CD

Veronica’s soulmate, helper and advocate
His stamp on the greatest Marian apparition in history

Speaker: Michael Mangan, SMWA President/LOSM

CD  53 min


An Inch from Hell CD

A riveting, inspiring testimonial from a CEO and successful businessman that spectacularly witnesses to the saving power of Our Lady of Bayside.

Includes: Cross Country Discipleship, a fascinating, light-hearted report from Michael Mangan, SMWA President, of his 19-state, 4000 journey

CD 62 min.


Syria has the key CD

"Syria has the key to the solution of world peacce or the Third World War." Our Lady, May 30, 1981

An excellent now-I-know-what-that-means talk by president Michael Mangan; also William Dykes LOSM, on the sufferings of Veronica of the Cross and what it means to you

79 min.


Occupy Wall St. CD

Omen to the blood-in-the-streets revolution?
The spectacular prophecies of Our Lady and Our Lord; and much more to inform and inspire.

Speakers: Michael Mangan, SMWA President
and the Lay Order of St. Michael

CD  79 min.


Haiti's Apocalyptic Event CD

Haiti's apocalyptic event: are we next?  
Incisive analysis of Our Lady's prophecies.  Testimonials to warm your heart.  And much more.

Speakers: Michael Mangan (SMWA President) and the Lay Order of St. Michael.

CD 74 min