1988 June 18 - Vigil Message CD

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CD 36 min

June 18, 1988

The faithful are asked to go on their knees and do penance to hold off the chastising ball of fire that is fast hurtling toward earth. Reveals how the missing children are abducted and taken into cults to become pawns of the satanists; how Veronica was tormented at night by satanists chanting under her window; her victory over them. Veronica is asked to make a decision in the Shrine leadership (expulsion of a worker), which Jesus assures her "will not be that chaotic" if she approached the matter "with humility, charity, prayer, and graces."

Jesus and Mary speak to the world through Veronica of the Cross
From 1970 to 1995, Jesus and Mary would speak through their servant, Veronica of the Cross. Veronica would be in a state of ecstasy in which she would see and describe the Blessed Virgin and Her Divine Son.  At Their direction she would repeat out loud the message They would give her while her voice was being recorded.  Nothing was missed.  What you hear is Veronica's voice but it is Heaven speaking through her.