1988 October 1 - Vigil Message CD

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CD 34 min

October 1, 1988

Reveals how New York City is being targeted for destruction by terrorists, with plans to place bombs in strategic places, especially the Empire State Building; how abortion is a key reason for the coming terrorist attacks to New York. Reveals that many nuns have succumbed to the sins of immodesty and abortion; how the sin of abortion is bringing the hand of God upon our country in the form of a great earthquake to occur in an unusual place; speaks of a planned monetary crash and depression that will dwarf the one in the 20s.

Jesus and Mary speak to the world through Veronica of the Cross
From 1970 to 1995, Jesus and Mary would speak through their servant, Veronica of the Cross. Veronica would be in a state of ecstasy in which she would see and describe the Blessed Virgin and Her Divine Son.  At Their direction she would repeat out loud the message They would give her while her voice was being recorded.  Nothing was missed.  What you hear is Veronica's voice but it is Heaven speaking through her.