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Featured Products

St. Benedict Jubilee (1" silver oxidized)

“I have always called him the fighter of demons.” Our Lady, Oct. 6, 1977

Traditional exorcism placed on medal by a Roman Catholic priest
1” silver oxidized, high relief, sharper image


St. Michael Chaplet (glass bead)

rainbow beads, with instruction; promises an angel from each choir to escort you to Holy Communion; 7 years indulgence
glass beads 

On Special: $4.95

His Day, His Hour CD

President Michael Mangan delivers a fascinating talk on St. Michael the Archangel, drawing from over 100 of his appearances at Bayside. also a miraculous, heart-warming story of Pope Francis receiving the Bayside Message; and is there a great epiphany in store for him?
80 min 


Heaven Speaks Today binder

30 issues on a wide variety of topics, excerpts culled from over 300 Messages; stored in a stylish 3-ring poly binder
9.75 x 11.5


Response to Bishop Di Marzio (FREE mp3 download)

An incisive exposé by Michael Mangan of Bishop DiMarzio's recent response to SMWA; a rebuttal of the bishop's statement against Bayside.

Speaker: Michael Mangan, SMWA President, LOSM

71 min. © 2014 SMWA  Music: by Kevin MacLeod (

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Syria has the key CD

"Syria has the key to the solution of world peacce or the Third World War." Our Lady, May 30, 1981

An excellent now-I-know-what-that-means talk by president Michael Mangan; also William Dykes LOSM, on the sufferings of Veronica of the Cross and what it means to you

79 min.


St. Michael versus 666 CD

St. Michael versus 666
Why the presence of the great Archangel should be huge in your life (with recent release dates of the six major demons)
Audio CD
55 min.